Dedicated to You

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and, as such, is vulnerable to damage. This damage is a result of hormonal changes, aging, environment, sun exposure, diet, and medications, which are all detrimental to rapidly dividing cell and cellular regeneration.  In the process, your healthy skin cells that are also rapidly dividing become damaged. Damage to the healthy cells affect your complexion- a daily battle we all experience together.


LAFACE’s Promise

Our goal at LAFACE is to formulate, create, and give you the products that help fight these changes. After all, a balanced, glowing complexion is a result of using the correct products.


Combining Science and Passion

Stem cell research, combined with technology and science, has made it possible to achieve our promise to you. At LAFACE, we have mastered the art of age reversal by employing recent breakthroughs in anti-aging skincare science utilizing plant-based stem cells and peptides. When we refer to stem cells we are referring to plant stem cells as this is a VEGAN skincare line. These cutting edge premium anti-aging products dramatically outperform existing vegan skincare lines, combining innovative ingredients, scientific research, and sophisticated technology. We’re strong believers that healthy skin equals great confidence!