Testimonials and Reviews


LAFACE supplied Kari, a cancer survivor who had undergone chemotherapy, with products free of charge as they were so crucial to her skin recovery. Here is Kari after using LAFACE for only 4 days.



 Alexandra O’Brien CA

I have been using the Laface C-Cell Serum and the Age defying Protégér primer for 3 months. The C-Cell serum immediately gives my face an instant glow and over time has re-texturized my face. Overall, have noticed happier, healthier looking skin thanks to the daily use of this beautiful serum. The Protégér primer is next level! It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and allows for an easier makeup application and gives an airbrush look. It works perfectly with any makeup application after and does not irritate acne-prone skin like I have! This primer is a gamechanger!

Joanne B Sacramento

Hi Laface, I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me in getting my skin back to health after the chemo. I’ll never be able to thank you enough. You and your products were a special gift to me. I pray that your business and products receive all the recognition and success they deserve.

David B. Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Dear Laface,
I was diagnosed with Melanoma earlier this year and have started my chemo. I am 57 and my daughter recommended using your cellular regeneration cream because my skin was really dry, flakey red and itched quite a bit. The doctors gave me some creams that seemed to make it worse so I tried the cream from yourcompany. I was astounded at the result. It was less then a week when I started to see the difference and my skin is now soft as a babies bottom. The spots under my eye area have gone away and my skin does not itch
at all. Hell, I don't know what is in this stuff but it is great. Just thought you should know you are helping people. It’s not easy going thru this but I am glad my daughter found your stuff.

Charlene Albanese CA

Excellent products for hydrating your skin. I have dry and very sensitive skin and my skin just loved the hydrating cream (CRC) and I could see a difference.

Dr Sam B TX

I am a Physician in Ft Worth, Tx. I became familiar with Laface and studied the product which I find to be excellent in every way. I have done facials on women and most recently my own daughter. At 13 she developed Acne and asked me to give her a facial which I did per LAFACE instructions. 2 days later her face was clear. I use the products myself and others that have tried it are quite happy with the results. LAFACE came to Ft Worth for a reception to introduce LAFACE to a large Wellness Center at my request. Ms. Alexander is a lovely lady who is passionate about her business and goes out of her way for her clients, family, and friends. I am convinced her products and business model is exemplary.

Lisa Marks NY

I have been using LAFACE products for 3 weeks and the results I have seen are amazing! I am Irish, have very fair, sensitive skin and I see a big difference with the dark circles and bags under my eyes as well as my skin tone looks more even #lovetheseproducts

Kym Bankier Douglas CA

After Chemotherapy Skincare

The segment I did on the HALLMARK CHANNEL featuring your products and your generosity towards Kari a woman who has fought cancer and now endured 8 months of chemo is priceless. Thank you LaFace for being a company with compassion.

Sara, Phoenix, AZ

This product (CRC Cellular Regeneration Cream) is worth every penny. It completely changed my complexion. I was having serious issues with hyper-pigmentation, premature aging, and dull looking facial skin. I did a lot of research about the brand and was beyond impressed with the extensive scientific studies and research put into each individual ingredient. Not only that but, more importantly the synergistic effect with one another to make a product that in my opinion is second to none on the market today. 

Natasha M, Albany, NY

Dear Lisa, I ran out of your PUR cleanser a month ago and had not bothered to reorder. My co workers actually said to me yesterday, "What is going on with your skin, as it does not look as pretty as it usually does?" I knew what the problem was so I ordered it this morning. I have tried so many products and this one is my absolute forever product. I always would break out and with this product my skin is totally under control and looks really good. I do not know what you do to make it so great but it seriously is the best out there. Thank you!

Elena, Idaho

I love the products and that the line is so simple. I don't like a lot of lines bc they have too many products - everything does something different so you have to buy a bunch of stuff and when you travel you have to lug a ton of products. These products work and they are easy to use and tote! 

Nicole G, Marin County, CA

I am so happy Natazia recommended the C Cell Serum for me! I love skincare products and have tried just about everything, but this is one of the only products I have used where I noticed immediate, overnight results. My skin looks brighter and has a noticeable glow, my pores are smaller, and I have yet to have a break out or even one blemish since using the serum. Friends and family have noticed the difference, too. I can't wait to try more products from LAFACE!