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Great product!

I love Le Lift! It is just the right weight, keeps your skin moist for 24 hours. Highly recommend early morning and before bed. Magnifique.

Fabulous product!

The C- Cell Regenerating Serum is one of the best serums I have used. I much prefer this product to its competitors ( which are double the price). High recommend! Your skin will thank you.


I have used this product for years and can't say enough about it. What is easier..... everytime I get back on track with continuous use, I literally get compliments from people about how good my skin looks! Wish I could bathe in it!

My Daily MUST Have!

I absolutely LOVE this cleanser! After washing my face with this purifying cleanser, my skin feels 100% squeaky clean and refreshed. It has become an essential part of my daily skincare regime and I never leave home without it! It's a MUST have!

Start your day cleanser

Before putting anything on your face day or night wash your face with this cleanser. This is a very luxurious cleanser. It's fragrance is like you're on vacation. It makes your skin glow and feel fresh. I use this cleanser twice daily and it makes a difference on my skin.


PROTÉGÉR has changed my life! I apply this every morning before applying my makeup, and other than reapplying my 💄 during the day, my face and eye makeup remain flawless all day. Moreover, my makeup doesn't settle into any fine lines-- it goes on smoothly and keeps it smooth all day. This is a staple in my daily routine-- no other product on the market like this.

My Life Saver!!!

I couldn't wear any face makeup before trying this primer because it looked cakey and would immediately crease. This primer allowed me to start wearing foundation and doing my makeup the way I want. It is the perfect consistency and my makeup looks flawless! I wont wear my makeup without this primer!! I am OBSESSED!

LaFace is the product I rely on to keep my skin youthful

I have been using LaFace CRC cream and Hydrating and Purifying Serum for almost 12 years. Fourteen years ago I went through chemotherapy. My skin lost most of its moisture and texture. I had tried so many creams that were highly recommended but none brought about any improvement. Fortunately I was given a sample of the LaFace CRC cream and serum. I applied them to my face and couldn’t believe it! My skin felt moist and soft like it used to! It absorbs into your skin and makes it feel young again! I am 74 now and my skin still has almost no wrinkles. What a gift! Very, very highly recommended. LaFace products are amazing gifts for your skin!

So happy to have you back !

Been using Laface products for 8 years. The cleanser is amazing, very gentle and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. I totally love the serums especially the HPS and C-Cell and have tried pretty much everything but the quality of the products is definitely higher at Laface. Excellent customer service too, you can tell they really care. The lady asked lots of questions so she made sure the products I bought were right for my skin and she did not try to up-sell me lots of stuff. I appreciated that.


I never could get my makeup to go on smoothly. It would be cake like and look gross but then I asked for a sample of the proteger primer from you guys and it is a total game changer. I also did not break out and it is "just enough" of a moisturizer. I like it like SO MUCH. It feels good and I noticed my makeup stays on longer and looks fresh which is awesome.

great for allergy ridden people

On my second jar of the CRC and I cannot live without it anymore. It is like a Vitamin for the skin and my face feels so much better and not as red. I have alergies and always had problems with my skin care products but this brand is amazing and so is their customer service. I forgot what real customer service felt like.


Hands down, the best skin care line I have ever used. This potent serum is activated as soon as it hits your skin. The C-Cell creates a warm sensation when applied which tells you the magic is about to begin. The combination with this and the Hydrating & Purifying Serum, topped with the Proteger Primer is the ONLY way I start everyday. I have been a fan since 2017 and my skin thanks me for it every day!

Judy B

Good morning! It's me Judy B again. I am truly loving the new eye treatment. It has erased and softened so many of the fine lines already! It feels wonderful as well. I really think it's shrinking my bags as well. Thank you so much!

Alexandra O

San Francisco, CA

"I have been using the Laface C-Cell Serum and the Age defying Protégér primer for 3 months. The C-Cell serum immediately gives my face an instant glow and over time has re-texturized my face. Overall, have noticed happier, healthier looking skin thanks to the daily use of this beautiful serum.The Protégér primer is next level! It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and allows for an easier makeup application and gives an airbrush look. It works perfectly with any makeup application after and does not irritate acne-prone skin like I have! This primer is a gamechanger!"

  Courtney D

Laface, thank you for letting me try out your product CRC. It seriously is a miracle aid for an allergy sufferer. It is a total gamechanger. For someone who always has watery eyes and puffy eyes I can't believe what happened when I used the CRC. I did not have any of these issues and I can't believe it. For people that have serious issues with allergies I would totally tell them to buy this one. Thanks again

Charlene A

Belvedere, CA

"Excellent products for hydrating your skin. I have dry and very sensitive skin and my skin just loved the hydrating cream (CRC) and I could see a difference."

Dr. Patrick Bitter Sr. M.D.-Founder of the PhotoFacial 

“After using LAFACE in our Med spa, I find the products to be well thought out, expertly crafted and elegant to use. A truly superior and effective line.”

Heidi C.
Marin County

Love how my face feels with LAFACE and anyone who doesn't have these products is missing out.

Mary D.
Boise, Idaho

I have been meaning to contact you to tell you about my experience with your products. I just LOVE the facial wash, and eye cream!

Dr Sam B

Fort Worth, TX

"I am a Physician in Ft Worth, Tx. I became familiar with Laface and studied the product which I find to be excellent in every way. I have done facials on women and most recently my own daughter. At 13 she developed Acne and asked me to give her a facial which I did per LAFACE instructions. 2 days later her face was clear. I use the products myself and others that have tried it are quite happy with the results. LAFACE came to Ft Worth for a reception to introduce LAFACE to a large Wellness Center at my request. Ms. Alexander is a lovely lady who is passionate about her business and goes out of her way for her clients, family, and friends. I am convinced her products and business model is exemplary."

Lisa Marks

New York, NY

"I have been using LAFACE products for 3 weeks and the results I have seen are amazing! I am Irish, have very fair, sensitive skin and I see a big difference with the dark circles and bags under my eyes as well as my skin tone looks more even #lovetheseproducts"

Sophia S.
Marin County

 I’ve been loving the serum and moisturizer samples I brought home! I can really tell the difference, my skin is soooo happy. I like the eye cream I bought but the serum has made the most noticeable difference and will soon need to become a part of my regular routine. :)I shared some samples to my roommate and she has also been amazed with the difference. I gave her the HPS sample since I thought it would be too much for my skin, and it seems to suit her perfectly. Her friends asked her if she got Botox, it’s that good. I think she will be ordering some of your products soon! 


Phoenix, AZ

"This product (CRC Cellular Regeneration Cream) is worth every penny. It completely changed my complexion. I was having serious issues with hyper-pigmentation, premature aging, and dull looking facial skin. I did a lot of research about the brand and was beyond impressed with the extensive scientific studies and research put into each individual ingredient. Not only that but, more importantly the synergistic effect with one another to make a product that in my opinion is second to none on the market today."

Kendra M.
New York,NY

I absolutely love the LaFace PUR Purifying Cleanser. This gentle and moisturizing facial wash has toner built into the formula so you can skip the toner step. My skin feels so soft after using it and I can't stop admiring the lemony floral scent!

Nicole G.

Marin County, CA

"I am so happy Natazia recommended the C Cell Serum for me! I love skincare products and have tried just about everything, but this is one of the only products I have used where I noticed immediate, overnight results. My skin looks brighter and has a noticeable glow, my pores are smaller, and I have yet to have a break out or even one blemish since using the serum. Friends and family have noticed the difference, too. I can't wait to try more products from LAFACE!"

Kym Bankier Douglas

Los Angeles, CA

After Chemotherapy Skincare
"The segment I did on the HALLMARK CHANNEL featuring your products and your generosity towards Kari a woman who has fought cancer and now endured 8 months of chemo is priceless. Thank you LaFace for being a company with compassion."

Natasha M

Albany, NY

"Dear Lisa, I ran out of your PUR cleanser a month ago and had not bothered to reorder. My co workers actually said to me yesterday, "What is going on with your skin, as it does not look as pretty as it usually does?" I knew what the problem was so I ordered it this morning. I have tried so many products and this one is my absolute forever product. I always would break out and with this product my skin is totally under control and looks really good. I do not know what you do to make it so great but it seriously is the best out there. Thank you!"

Janice P.

Sacramento, CA

My skin went into a complete nose dive when I could not get my LAFACE! I am so grateful you are back. There is no other brand that my skin reacts better to and I tried to find one when you were closed, believe me. Nothing can replace your products. Nothing helps as much as your products and I have really sensitive skin and even my dermatologist tells me to only use LAFACE. Please do not go away again, you really help people. 



'"I'm loving this product (just placed a replacement order)
I love love love the mask!
I use it almost daily. It's not only helping my complexion but oddly enough it has helped relieve some stress. Maybe it's just because I spend 10-20 minutes relaxing with it on before I go to sleep ❤️

My daughter has started using it as well and loves it."

Dominic M

St. Louis

I am impressed with your PUR cleanser. I can shave and wash at the same time but mostly it keeps my ingrown hairs from forming on my face and neck. I do not know why but it is the only brand I can use that fixes this problem. Thanks for making your cleanser. It is exceptional.

As seen in the New York Times - View Here

was included to participate in a nationwide search for brands that would be most helpful for those whom had gone through chemotherapy,and LAFACE was chosen as the most desired brand for this. Also, those whom have sensitive skin, rosacea or eczema will see that our products work because LAFACE is the brand that cares.

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