BEAUX YEUX Beautiful Eyes Concentrate Intensive


Product Description
Rich in Hyaluronic acid and Peptides. BEAUX YEUX helps to visibly diminish FINE LINES, PUFFINESS AND DARK CIRCLES to have a supple, more radiant and toned look by stimulating collagen synthesis, cell regeneration and cell synthesis. The active plant stem cells in this product, help protect your cells from damage and deterioration by aiding in maintaining the function of skin stem cells. Its amazing for sensitive complexions and is unscented as well.

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Product Description

This formulation combats aging through the use of plant-derived apple stem cells, as well as having unique and concentrated anti-wrinkle peptides. It helps increase collagen production, cell renewal, and cell creation. It contains a special type of vitamin C, which shields against UV rays and protects both DNA and collagen, amongst other benefits. Using this cream on regular basis provides protection for premature aging generally caused by sun, pollution, smoke, stress hormonal changes.

The plant extracts and essential oils help to boost the cell functioning which smoothes fine-tune the skin in no-time. Just purchase this one product and say goodbye to all your skin problems.

After cleansing, take a single pump of BEAUX YEUX Eyes Concentrate and apply to the eye area by massaging the eye and lip contour areas with fingertips gently pressing product underneath and to each side of your eyes. Use mornings and evenings.

LIFE CHANGER ALERT! This eye cream is incredible!! Not only does it reduce puffiness, you can kiss your under-eye baggage goodbye and hold on, I’m not done yet…it diminishes the appearance of dark circles SUBSTANTIALLY. Also minimizes the appearance of Crow’s Feet! It made me look younger and brighter. My skin has become very smooth and its tone has also become two shades lighter and I have never been so impressed with the effectiveness of an eye-cream or how rapidly I saw serious results. I am in love!!

Incredible cream!! Has made me look like a young girl. All my skin issues have been solved with this one single cream. Usage is also very simple; you don’t have to spend hours sitting in the front of a mirror with one person applying loads of products on your face. Its fragrance is also very light you don’t have to bear the smell of harmful beauty products.


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