CRC Cellular Regeneration Cream


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CRC is the ULTIMATE anti-aging moisturizer that not only delivers intense hydration but addresses acne scarring, rosacea and minor irritations. This unique combination of active ingredients, RARE Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract and a multitude of extremely active peptides power this ultimate day/night cream. The luxury and results will FAR exceed your expectations

Product Description

CRC CellULAR Regeneration Cream

“The Dream Cream” according to the NYT, our CRC cellular regeneration cream applies the most advanced in cellular science technology. This rejuvenating cream preserves your skin’s texture and tone, softens the look of fine lines and visibly restores that radiant glow. CRC cells cream has proven to be an exceptional product.

  1. Addresses Function Loss: Clinical tests have proven that the use of these ingredients replenished 60% of the functions that your skin performs and loses due to the aging process.
  2. Addresses Cell Resistance: Clinical tests improved the skins ability to regenerate itself by 75% to 100%. It gives your skin the ability to combat the toxins and forces of age that cause redness, enlarged pores, sun spots, and wrinkles.
  3. Assists in Cellular Self Defense: Clinical tests showed an improvement of 100% in the skins ability to fight signs of aging when used on a continual basis.
  4. Assists in Healing: Tests have shown improvement of the skin’s wound healing ability. Using thiscollagen cream on regular basis helps to heal skin from things like cuts and scars.

LAFACE Lab produces the best skin products I have ever used. I am picky, picky, picky and I have tried everything. I am addicted to CRC – Cellular Regeneration Cream. I cannot express in words how it makes my skin look and feel, even after Texas summers! People I hadn’t seen for a long time even suggested I may have had a face lift. Not so – I credit LAFACE! There are other wonderful LAFACE products as well. I love washing my face with PUR in the morning and going to bed at night wearing Hydrating Purifying Serum. These products not only work and smell great, they are of the highest quality! I will always be a LAFACE customer.


  1. Lisa Alexander

    This product (CRC Cellular Regeneration Cream) is worth every penny. It completely changed my complexion. I was having serious issues with hyperpigmentation, premature
    aging, and dull-looking facial skin. I did a lot of research about the brand and was beyond impressed with the extensive scientific studies and research put into each individual ingredient. Not only that but, more importantly, the synergistic effect with one another to make a product that in my
    opinion is second to none on the market today.
    Sara, Arizona

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