Oily Skin Solution


Want glowing skin, not shiny? Want to rid yourself of fine lines? If you are one with an oilier complexion this can be challenging. LAFACE has created the perfect solution with PUR Cleanser and Toner in one, our deep cleansing MIRACLE MASK and of course the fabulous EFFACE line erasure concentrate. Using these products will leave you with a more balanced complexion. We suggest you use the mask every four days and the PUR and EFFACE daily.

Product Description

The challenge of oily skin can be frustrating. How can you address fine lines, wrinkles, or dry skin and also not experience break outs or add to you oil prone complexion ? Well, LAFACE has the answer with this winning Oily skin solution.


Everyone loves this matte’ Serum for its lifting and tightening benefits. It’s what we call the instant face lift. EFFACE combats fine lines and wrinkles & boosts the growth of connective tissues through the natural production of collagen, assisting your skin in healing itself. Helps maintain firmness and elasticity whilst reducing the depth of already formed wrinkles, using a strong dose of hyaluronic acid. Normalizes skin moisture content resulting in a smoother and more even appearance. This serum is OIL FREE so ideal for oilier complexions, adding moisture without the oil. 


This will be your favorite cleanser ever! PUR, a luxurious, gentle & effective foaming cleanser removes impurities, moisturizes and tightens the pores and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. It is soothing to sensitive skin and rinses completely without the need for additional toners or astringents The Copper Gluconate helps calm and balance sensitive complexions.


This antioxidant-rich clay/seaweed mask is scented with hints of lavender. Our professional aestheticians swear it is. THE MIRACLE MASK. It does what it says, detoxifies the skin, tightens pores, fights blemishes and promotes circulation. Isn’t this what a mask is for ? Leaving your complexion feeling lifted and your pores..what pores ? We recommend following this mask with EFFACE. Ideal for oily complexions. 


I love everything about Laface! With each product I try, I fall more in love with Laface. My absolute favorite product is the C-Cell…. I have used a million skin care lines and this by far is the BEST! I love the way the products feel on my skin. I wish I had taken a before picture, so I could show the true transformation of my skin, but since I have started with Laface products, I now regularly receive compliments from friends and family, mainly about how the texture of the skin on my face is smoother and the age lines are less visible. I just celebrated my 46th birthday, but no one believed I was that old…I personally have noticed a more polished shine to my skin and fewer lines around my eyes, forehead and neck. Laface is the best kept secret that I cannot keep any longer…I will tell everyone I know about how these amazing products.

H. E. Lattig, The Plains, Virginia


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