Black Oak/Charcoal VEGAN Recovery mask


We are so excited about this Recovery mask and you will see and feel the difference. It is reusable if you seal and put in the refrigerator. (Up to 2 more times.) This black oak Mask is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable.

It’s natural material, Bio cellulose is made of ultra-fine fibres of cellulose, produced by microorganisms during the fermentation of coconut water. Initially developed for medical applications in treating burns and wounds, its capacity to bind to skin and maintain moisture bio cellulose has moved it towards cosmetic applications. Like lyocell, bio cellulose is respectful of the environment and 100% biodegradable. Invisible, bio cellulose provides great comfort and a second-skin effect, thanks to its superior skintight dermal adhesion properties, which prevent moisture evaporation, allowing the mask to transfer cosmetic ingredients very efficiently to the skin.

Don’t have time for a facial? No problem! This mask is the answer. It quenches dry skin and softens lines as well as giving you that “luminous” glow. Not from oil mind you but from the amazing healing ingredients.It helps diminishes small blemishes as well. It is a great material to purify the skin. This Black Oak Detox mask is particularly recommended for skins with imperfections.


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