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Is eating candy really bad for your skin? LAFACE will tell you what happens to your complexion when you indulge in your sugary treats.

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Is that candy bar really what you want during your coffee break at work or on your way home? Or would it be better to keep the candy consumption on the weekends? You might think that you can go for an extra run to burn the calories off, but how much does your consumption of candy affect your skin?

Some people claim that they get pimples as soon as they eat chocolate or cheese and there is a reason for this.

Since candy contains high amounts of sugar and fructose, this will contribute to breaking down your skin’s collagen. What is collagen now again? Well simply put, this is what makes your skin look full, vigorous, energized and boosted. Sugar will make your skin saggy and wrinkled. Eating candy can also weaken your immune system, this will present itself in more bacteria clogging your pores, which creates acne. You can also see the effects in that you’ll get larger pores and oilier skin since the production of testosterone increases. Not all sugar is bad sugar though, that is important to remember, but the processed sugars are the worst and overconsumption of any food is bad for you. Sugar will dehydrate your skin and cause it to look colorless, and most importantly, swollen. ( this is not good ) It will also enhance those dark circles under your eyes If you suffer from acne or rosacea, you should seriously consider reducing your candy (and overall sugar) intake since it aggravates these skin conditions.

We are aware that it is not always that easy to give up candy all together but lessening your consumption and knowing what effects it has on your skin can help keep some of the problems to a minimum or at least, a little reduced.

If the question is When would one be able to see the effects if one were to stop eating candy (or other sugary products)? The answer is: It will take up to 4 days to see any difference in your skin, and it will look less dry, oily, have fewer pimples, dark circles and appear more balanced and bright.

However, there is a way to help boost your collagen production and to counteract some of the break down of collagen if you still choose to eat candy and other sugary products. For example, bone broth, it’s one of the minimal select foods that contains a bioavailable form of collagen that your body can use directly. If you’re eating it mostly for your skin, beef broth is the choice you should go with that. If bone broth, however, doesn’t sound that appealing to you, wild salmon, chlorella, leafy greens, citrus, eggs, berries, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, avocados, fresh garlic and chia seeds will help prevent the breakdown of your collagen.

Other short tips that will help you counteract the effects of eating candy is that you see to it that you get enough sleep, keep your stress levels in check, and eat regularly to control your blood sugar level keeping it consistent. Controlling your blood sugar level will also help you in to stay away from sugary and unhealthy products.



Author; Elvira Estmyr

Lisa Alexander

Author Lisa Alexander

From a fifth generation agricultural family long engrained in the history of California, Ms. Alexander is an expert in green design, organic products, sustainable businesses and day-to-day green living. She is a Dame of Malta and a member of the Society of California Pioneers. Ms. Alexander resides in San Francisco and is actively involved in numerous charity and community causes including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Fight Against Breast Cancer, Cancer Care Services, the UCLA Foundation, Pets Unlimited, the Guardsman of San Francisco and The Parks Trust to name a few. A visionary in fashion design, Lisa Alexander took her years of experience in the couture fashion industry and launched several different fashion lines in the US. She also founded (in resepect to her agricultural roots) “Mo Betta Pickles“, a pickle company sold to William Sonoma. An international adventurer, Lisa has climbed Kilimanjaro, sailed with the America’s Cup team on the sailboat Defiance, and modeled for Givenchy and Valentino in Europe and New York. She spent five years living in London, Switzerland and India and the combination of these experiences gives an international perspective to her sense of fashion, style and market opportunity.

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