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LAFACE explains ” What is Veganism ” in skincare ?

By August 15, 2017 No Comments
If you thought veganism was a term used exclusively in a dietary context, we’ve got a
surprise for you. According to Google’s latest Beauty Trends Report, 2017 is going to
continue to be the year that vegan skin care makes its mark. To better understand this
booming beauty niche, LAFACE researched the field for some insight. If you don’t know
what the heck “vegan skin care” is, you’re certainly not alone. Lets define what it means:
Vegan skin care includes products that are created without the use of ingredients from
animals, or animal byproducts. But don’t confuse vegan with cruelty-free. Not every
cruelty-free product is vegan, as many products that are considered cruelty-free still may
contain milk, honey, or lanolin. So if you’re looking for products that fall into both
categories, you have to check for both the vegan and cruelty-free distinctions.
Although vegan skin care has the appeal of not sourcing ingredients from animals, there
seems to be a much greater force behind its growing popularity. Consumers are
increasingly aware of the effects the products they use have on their bodies, and the
impact made on animals and the environment around them. Vegan skin care hasn’t just
made an impression on consumers; it’s also gained approval from top rated
dermatologists “Vegan skin care ingredients are very minimal and natural,” says Julie
Russak, MD, of Russack Dermatology Clinique in New York City. “They generally
nourish the skin rather than cause irritation. This would be ideal for sensitive skin types
or condition-prone skin—types that get irritated easily,” she says.
Additionally, Dr. Russak says that vegan skin care can be a more soothing alternative to
regular products with irritating chemicals “Our skin absorbs up to 60 percent of the
products we apply onto it, which is scary to think about, especially if those products are
processed and full of preservatives, chemicals, and toxins,” she says. “Vegan skin care
products contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to repair and hydrate the skin,
which is definitely beneficial to our skin when applied daily and over time.” “There is
definitely a trend—especially with millennials—of wanting to know not only if a product
will work for their skin, but how and why,” notes Dr. Dennis Gross, a New York City
dermatologist with his own range of vegan products. “People are more educated and
savvy about ingredients these days, and with access to infinite information, that is no
surprise. Wellness and health are in. It’s not a passing trend and, as doctor, I hope it’s here
to stay.”
LAFACE vegan skin care is available in a range of affordable prices by product and is
therefore accessible to all. If you’re interested in making the lifestyle shift, check out the
LAFACE vegan skin care on our site and learn the difference the product can make in
your skin.
Lisa Alexander

Author Lisa Alexander

From a fifth generation agricultural family long engrained in the history of California, Ms. Alexander is an expert in green design, organic products, sustainable businesses and day-to-day green living. She is a Dame of Malta and a member of the Society of California Pioneers. Ms. Alexander resides in San Francisco and is actively involved in numerous charity and community causes including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Fight Against Breast Cancer, Cancer Care Services, the UCLA Foundation, Pets Unlimited, the Guardsman of San Francisco and The Parks Trust to name a few. A visionary in fashion design, Lisa Alexander took her years of experience in the couture fashion industry and launched several different fashion lines in the US. She also founded (in resepect to her agricultural roots) “Mo Betta Pickles“, a pickle company sold to William Sonoma. An international adventurer, Lisa has climbed Kilimanjaro, sailed with the America’s Cup team on the sailboat Defiance, and modeled for Givenchy and Valentino in Europe and New York. She spent five years living in London, Switzerland and India and the combination of these experiences gives an international perspective to her sense of fashion, style and market opportunity.

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