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What Really Is In Your Beauty Products?

By February 24, 2017 No Comments

Though you wash and apply various products to your skin daily how much do you truly know about what is in the products ?

You cannot rely on the internet as what you read is not always necessarily the truth, as we all know by now, and the companies will tell you what they need to, to sell the line. “Sure it may cure your acne today but…gosh we won’t mention the scarring that you most likely will notice later on…we cannot be held responsible by then” Do you understand what I mean ? You really are putting your face in the hands of strangers. So make sure they actually deserve this responsibility.

I am sure you have other things to do than Nancy Drew your facial formulations and those marketers are pretty savvy…

So HOW do you know ?

Well, first of all be aware that many of the chemicals in many products are harmful and are associated with words like cancer, immunotoxicity and reproductive toxicity. These are not good words. They are not your friends. Also, just because something is toxic free does not mean it works…so why bother ? This is where LAFACE comes in. The farmer in me came out as the company formed and our goal was to give you products that not just worked but really worked.

The products are formulated from natural and organic raw materials, by a noted science team and have no negative side effects. It is possible to do this but it takes a pretty determined person to stick to their values and not compromise. Believe me…I could have switched the extremely active Vitamin C that we use for one that is 1/800th of the cost and how would you know ? Well, first of all you would react like you always have to Vitamin C with a bit of redness, a bumpy reaction of sorts or simply nothing, but for sure you would not reap the benefits that our products offer. There is a difference. It will cost a bit more, but this is your FACE and it needs to be taken care of with quality products. It is my responsibility to create and stand behind our product line, and your responsibility to take of yourself. I invite you to look at our line, try it and you will see.


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