Alternative Skincare Products: 5 Reasons to Choose “LAFACE Skincare”

Alternative Skincare Products: 5 Reasons to Choose “LAFACE Skincare”

I think the most straightforward reasons why you should try LAFACE skincare is evident in the responses from the clients that use our line. However here we have stated a few of the LAFACE advantages.

  1. The amount of attention, research and dedication that has gone into this brand is unbelievable. It truly was created for the benefit of those who have skin sensitivities and nothing was spared in the quest to create a really effective line. 
  2. It genuinely matters to LAFACE how your skin reacts and our ability to help you. We listen to our clients and their needs.
  3. We do not use anything except top quality ingredients from trusted sources
  4. We produce our skincare in small batches. 
  5. LAFACE is a cruelty-free Vegan brand that chooses to invest in supply chains which promote good animal husbandry and animal freedoms. When you buy LAFACE, you are making the ultimate guilt-free and compassionate purchase because it is from a brand that cares.

Here is a letter we received.


First - thank you so much for getting the samples out to us...
I'll start off by saying that yes, I would absolutely love to purchase some products. Now let me tell you why.
I have 47-year-old crazy post-menopausal skin that I have worked at to keep under control. I get the cystic acne garbage, dry patches, oily parts...the whole shebang. I'm a product junkie, so I try lots of different things.
I'd settled on a combo of CeraVe and an all-natural African Black soap that my aesthetician cousin makes. And it worked pretty well and smoothed everything out.
Last week, I had my makeup done for a photo shoot for a marketing thing at work...and the very charming makeup artist talked me into using products from the Peter Thomas Roth line. Cleanser, toner and acne gel. All of which apparently contained both retinol and glycolic acid.
You probably know where I'm going with this.
I purchased all...and following HIS direction, used the products for 3 days straight - TOGETHER. My face EXPLODED with red, scaly dry patches...bumps...just a hot mess.
I cried for 20 minutes. I never do stuff like this without researching the crap out of it. Don't know why I just jumped. trying to figure out how to restore the balance to my skin...I reached for the samples you sent of the Purifying Facial Wash and the CRC.
I started using it Monday. As in the other day.
I can ALREADY. SEE. A. DIFFERENCE. The dryness and tightness that I was experiencing has lessened greatly...the bumps are leveling out...just unbelievable.
Thank you doesn't cover it...there's a lot more behind my personal story than just a misguided decision to try another product line - which is how my skin got all out of whack in the first place, I to be able to turn to your products and see results...means more than you know.
But I think you're hearing that a lot these days. :)

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