Created in Nature 🌳 Perfected in Science 🧪

Your Skin concerns deserve attention, and that is precisely why we are here.

LAFACE science-based luxury skin care is so effective because we have captured and incorporated the latest breakthroughs in plant-based stem cell and peptide research into each of our formulations. LAFACE creates effective skin care products for those who suffer with eczema or rosacea, have sensitive skin, or have undergone chemotherapy. You are on a completely different level of efficacy when using LAFACE products.

This (almost) full line of innovative products is made in small batches and has proven results.

Cruelty-Free / Vegan / Consciously Sourced/ Women-Owned Business
Does not contain
Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate/Propylene glycol/phthalate/Animal-Based ingredients/Harsh chemicals or Parabens
and it is MADE in the USA

Featured Product

Regeneration Serum

One common complaint we hear from our clients prior to them using our products is that they feel their skin is not radiant or glowing. Radiant skin shows how healthy your complexion is and C-CELL is the product for that. Known as Botox in a bottle, this Concentrated serum is effective in helping diminish sun damage spots and helps boost collagen production which tightens pores, moisturizes, and gives skin that “flawless” look. It gives you a more radiant appearance and immediately penetrates your skin for faster results.