PROTÉGÉR Age Defying Primer

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KE Marx

PROTÉGÉR has changed my life! I apply this every morning before applying my makeup, and other than reapplying my 💄 during the day, my face and eye makeup remain flawless all day. Moreover, my makeup doesn't settle into any fine lines-- it goes on smoothly and keeps it smooth all day. This is a staple in my daily routine-- no other product on the market like this.

Caitlin Church
My Life Saver!!!

I couldn't wear any face makeup before trying this primer because it looked cakey and would immediately crease. This primer allowed me to start wearing foundation and doing my makeup the way I want. It is the perfect consistency and my makeup looks flawless! I wont wear my makeup without this primer!! I am OBSESSED!


I never could get my makeup to go on smoothly. It would be cake like and look gross but then I asked for a sample of the proteger primer from you guys and it is a total game changer. I also did not break out and it is "just enough" of a moisturizer. I like it like SO MUCH. It feels good and I noticed my makeup stays on longer and looks fresh which is awesome.


Ultra-light moisturizing agents soften, smooth and add radiance. A perfect primer to apply before your make-up and or sunscreen.  Give your foundation "a foundation" with LAFACE Protégér Primer. The go-to product for those who want that fresh look to last all day.


One does not usually associate their primer with being also a moisturizer, but Proteger is just that. Our skincare formulation is the perfect primer for dry, dehydrated skin. Packed with lightweight moisturizers, this silky primer glides on to fill fine lines and create a picture-perfect base for long-lasting makeup. Leaves your skin smooth, soft, and radiant. Argania spinosa kernel oil and our Japanese time-released Vitamin C enables your skin to breathe even though you are wearing makeup. Generously sized, hypoallergenic and paraben and fragrance free.

                              Why invest in a Primer? Why do I need this?

PROTEGER contains effective ingredients such as Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil and our Japanese time-released, stabilized Vitamin C, so your skin can breathe even though you are wearing make-up. The size is also very generous, twice the size of most on the market.  

PROTEGER PRIMER is ideal to help protect your skin from harsh weather, it acts as a barrier between you and potentially damaged skin. The ingredients are moisturizing to your complexion.

NO MORE BREAKOUTS! A primer is a protective layer that comes between your skin and your foundation, so the chances of having any breakouts or are considerably reduced due to our well thought out formulation. Primer seals the skin and protects it from the damage that harsh makeup products can cause to your skin. PROTEGER Primer glides over skin, fills in fine lines, and creates a flawless base for long-lasting makeup but has the unusual ability to allow your skin to breath.

If your skin cannot breathe naturally, of course you will break out. By using our PROTEGER Primer this will help this issue.

Proteger Primer makes the surface of your skin smoother, so that your makeup glides on effortlessly, and appears well blended. A good primer makes your makeup long lasting. Foundation can to look dull on the skin after a few hours. A base coat of PROTEGER Primer prevents that from happening. A glowing look is what you want. Not shiny but glowing.

Even If you have oily skin or normal skin that becomes oily during summer, or if you perspire a lot, primer absorbs the excess oil and keeps your makeup even for a longer time.

  • Primers create an effect on your skin that most filters in your camera won't. They reduce the appearance of pores and pigmentation and steal the weary and aged look from your skin. 
  • Primer also acts as a highlighter by making you look more radiant overall. 

Scent: No scent

Size: 1.18 fl.oz.(35 ml)-This should last approximately 5 months if used properly

Directions for Use:

PROTEGER should be applied after your moisturizer. Allow a couple minutes for your moisturizer to absorb into your skin, then apply gently to your entire face, taking care to keep it out of your eyes. This will allow for any under eye concealer or face makeup to glide on smoothly.You also may use alone as it has moisturizing capabilities.

Does not contain

gluten, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfates