There are different ways to practice kindness. One certain way to show kindness is to really open your eyes, look around, and do something good when you see people in need. These innocent children have been diagnosed with a debilitating disease. They are trying to find a cure and these children need St. Judes to help them through this painful and confusing journey. We are proud to be a part of this. We are proud of this organization. 
Animal Welfare
LAFACE is a cruelty-free brand that chooses to invest in supply chains which promote good animal husbandry and animal freedoms. When you buy LAFACE, you are making the ultimate guilt-free and compassionate purchase because it is from a brand that cares.
Our vegan brand is 100% committed to avoiding the use of any animal products or using ingredients that are derived from animals or the use of animals in research. Be thoughtful and show it in your choice of products you use for your wellness ritual by using plant-based and the carefully sourced ingredients brand, LAFACE.
Luxury shouldn't be wasteful
Whether products are made with innovative, regenerated, or creatively up-cycled techniques, this is about you supporting brands that design with our Mother Earth in mind – including when it comes to packaging. Recycle as much as possible whenever you can. As consumers, we have the responsibility to understand the environmental practices behind the brands we support, and the materials being used. As suppliers, we have a responsibility to each other to actively contribute to sustainable practices. Our bottles at LAFACE offer the opportunity to keep your product’s content safe and pure, then the packaging can be recycled. We want to show our love for this world by respecting it. Sustainability has always been a top priority at LAFACE, because our earth deserves it.  
Cruelty-Free / Vegan / Consciously Sourced / Women-Owned Business
                                       and MADE in the USA