The LAFACE Skincare brand, from California, uses state of the art active ingredients which work at the DNA level. These ingredients are then used to create effective products that address unnecessary, unexpected and challenging skin sensitivities. LAFACE products are conscientiously formulated to combine the finest natural and organic ingredients, creating active formulations so your skin may reach its fullest, most youthful potential.

LAFACE’s extraordinary facial line goes to the forefront of nature’s science to rejuvenate and heal the skin. Ideal for those who have undergone chemotherapy, suffer from psoriasis, eczema, rosacea or have sensitive

This line of LAFACE products improves hydration, moisture, and the elasticity of the skin. the products help to diminish signs of wrinkles, dark spots, and cellular damage. Cancer patients who undergo treatment can use these products to safely restore the health of their skin to its youthful state.
Dry skin is the result of many factors, but for cancer patients, treatment is often the cause of dry skin. This is because normally, your skin cells are constantly renewing themselves by dividing rapidly in the deep layers and sloughing off the old cells at the surface. But, if you’re undergoing treatment, both chemotherapy and radiation can disrupt this process, resulting in dry skin and other skin reactions. While dry skin may also be itchy, some patients experience itchy skin that is not related to dryness. That itching sensation can be caused by the cancer treatment or by the cancer itself. Cancers that involve the skin or have spread to the skin, such as malignant melanoma, leukemia and lymphoma, commonly cause itching. Cancer treatments affect ones’ skin’s natural PH balance, as the amount of oil produced by the oil glands diminishes considerably, making your skin feel extra dry and
irritated. Patients are told to choose a skin care line with products formulated for sensitive skin, as well as fragrance free and alcohol free. Products rich in anti-oxidants and natural trace minerals are ideal. Many of the aftercare products are pharmaceutical or chemical based which can exasperate the issue. LAFACE products are not. We advise one to avoid products that
contain retinol and chemicals of any kind. Refrain from using face soap when cleansing your skin and replace it with a gentle cleansing emulsion instead.
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Animal Welfare
LAFACE is a cruelty-free brand that chooses to invest in supply chains which promote good animal husbandry and animal freedoms. When you buy LAFACE, you are making the ultimate guilt-free and compassionate purchase because it is from a brand that cares.
Our vegan brand is 100% committed to avoiding the use of any animal products or using ingredients that are derived from animals or the use of animals in research. Be thoughtful and show it in your choice of products you use for your wellness ritual by using plant-based and the carefully sourced ingredients brand, LAFACE.
Luxury shouldn't be wasteful
Whether products are made with innovative, regenerated, or creatively up-cycled techniques, this is about you supporting brands that design with our Mother Earth in mind – including when it comes to packaging. Recycle as much as possible whenever you can. As consumers, we have the responsibility to understand the environmental practices behind the brands we support, and the materials being used. As suppliers, we have a responsibility to each other to actively contribute to sustainable practices. Our bottles at LAFACE offer the opportunity to keep your product’s content safe and pure, then the packaging can be recycled. We want to show our love for this world by respecting it. Sustainability has always been a top priority at LAFACE, because our earth deserves it.  
Cruelty-Free / Vegan / Consciously Sourced / Women-Owned Business
                                       and MADE in the USA