LAFACE Skincare Featured in Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine

From the Editor: When my mother and I started the magazine 15 years ago, I remember I was so excited to put out our first Holiday Gift Guide. It was such a fun process to come up with the items we would highlight in that first gift guide. From that first year to now, it is still one of my favorite articles we put in the magazine. This year our team led by Luigi Irauzqui our new Editor in Chief have come up with one of the best yet! From beautiful curated gifts like the Judith Leiber Treasure Chest bag to the beautiful scents of a Glasshouse Candle to experiences like the one by James Corwin and commissioning one of his extraordinary paintings, this guide has something for everyone! Since the Holiday Issue is one of my favorites, it is very important to celebrate and highlight the right people. This issue we are honored that the very handsome, kind and humble Ian Bohen from Yellowstone is gracing our cover. Interviewing him alongside Salisha Thomas-Weiss cemented why we picked him. Ian in already a star but the world will very soon recognize him as an iconic actor. The article is both revealing and also will show you why he is the profile we have chosen for the cover. 

When things happen organically you understand they happen for a reason. We are so thrilled to be featured in this gorgeous and elegant magazine for their CHRISTMAS of 2023  Holiday Guide Edition. So cool to be amoungst these amazing and accomplished other businesses. An honor. Thank you BHL !!!

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