The True Definition of Entrepreneur…As I See It

The True Definition of Entrepreneur…As I See It...

I am always writing about things that I feel are helpful that are based around research and studies, but I have never written something personal, so here goes; the truth.

One of the questions that I am constantly being asked is,

What is it like being an entrepreneur?

Fair question, complicated answer.

True Definition of Entrepreneur.

First of all, look at the definition of ENTREPRENEUR- a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

If you look at the proper definition you can understand right away that it may not be a walk in the park. Which is why my answer to this question is complicated. I think people have a whimsical idea of what owning and running your own business is all about. In this world where having “happiness” as our priority being an entrepreneur looks pretty appealing as it means to many…financial independence and the satisfaction of doing things on your own, but this is not the case…at all. You have to be 150% certain that what you are doing is your PASSION as it is all consuming, that you will risk EVERYTHING to make this dream of yours a reality and SACRIFICE all to do so. You will look at the doubters with a clear, unwavering gaze as they tell you all the things you are doing wrong.


This independence involves quite a few challenges that have NOTHING to do with” Happy “. 

This involves volumes of situations that you may not have taken into account, like taxes, regulations, scammers, hiring and firing, people trying to take your business, a learning curve that never ends, stress, endless stress and despite all this going on you have to stay on track and keep your eye focused clearly on the goal . Every day you have to wake up with the same enthusiasm as the day you started this journey. Every day you have to juggle, multi task, negotiate, deal with disappointments and pop right back up and dive back in with even more determination. Every day. Every day. EVERY DAY !

So why would anyone want to be an entrepreneur?

We are put on this earth for a limited amount of time. How long that may be, we have no idea. This is why the most important thing is, that whatever it is that you chose to do whilst you are here, make sure you are madly, wildly in love with it. This unconditional love for your business is like any unconditional love. You can overlook all because you are in love. Your business can do no wrong, no matter how badly behaved or how many set backs…you are not going anywhere. No matter how many times your were sad or are scared or confused or feel betrayed, or people tell you to end it….THIS IS IT and you know it. So if you are truly in unconditional love with what you do and you will do ANYTHING to make it work and no matter what it still looks like the most wonderful thing in the world and you cannot imagine doing anything else.

Well, that is what is like to be an entrepreneur.

And to me…it is all worth it.

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