What is the big deal about Primers?

We all are clear on why we need to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and use sun screen but why exactly do we need a primer? I mean, is it really necessary?
Well, that is easy to answer and you will be the one to determine if a primer is something you need in your life.  All you need to do is just ask yourself how happy you are with the overall feel, the look and the finish after you apply your makeup.  If there's something not quite right...for example, if it does not stay fresh looking, or if looks cakey or dry,  or it sort of goes away slowly during the day or you break out... if any of these are the case, a primer could be exactly what you need.
I have heard from so many of my clients that they had always struggled with makeup looking like "makeup", and not natural.  Also, they go through their foundation rather quickly. If you use LAFACE Proteger Primer all the issues listed earlier will no longer exist. Also if one happens to get a bit shiny in the T-Zone, this matifying primer is the answer.
Make your day a little easier and your routine more effective by using products that are helpful. This primer also acts as a light moisturizer. 
This primer is the BOMB! 
You do not need to take our word for it, just look a one of many reviews from a client;
" PROTÉGÉR has changed my life! I apply this every morning before applying my makeup, and other than reapplying my 💄 during the day, my face and eye makeup remain flawless all day. Moreover, my makeup doesn't settle into any fine lines-- it goes on smoothly and keeps it smooth all day. This is a staple in my daily routine-- no other product on the market like this."


And last but not least...we are very strict about making, creating and supporting only cruelty free products and brands and giving back to the animal rescue community. If some product manufacturer feels using animals for testing is necessary to create their product, that is where we go in different directions and draw the line. Do NOT let an animal suffer for your benefit. It can be done without hurting them. That is what we believe at LAFACE. 


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