C-CELL Regeneration Serum

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C-Cell is a multi-acting, state-of-the-art intensive Vitamin C serum, ideal for immediate and sustainable results. We refer to it as "Perfection in a bottle" due to that immediate, visible improvement  in your complexion.

Age spots, melanoma, and sun damage leave unyielding pigment that really impacts a person’s complexion. Our C-Cell, Vitamin C Regeneration serum is an intensive serum that balances the skin. Plus, we have a special Vitamin C derivative which helps reduce the intensity of dark spots, even reducing melanin in freckles and sunspots. And it helps to lock in added moisture into your skin that evens out your complexion and increases healing from UV and other skin damages. C-CELL concentrated brightening serum is effective in helping diminish sun damage spots and helps boost collagen production, which tightens pores, moisturizes, and gives skin that “flawless” look. C-CELL battles a host of issues (acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, and of course, fine lines) to help create a more “even” complexion that looks hydrated, youthful, and toned.

Tone and texture will improve with consistent use. Fine lines and wrinkles fade away. Your complexion will feel and look hydrated and brightened, as signs of stress and fatigue melt away and imperfections are erased.

Scent: No scent

Size: 1.69 fl.oz.(50 ml)

Directions for Use:

C-CELL should be applied daily but after dark. If you have sensitive skin we recommend the evenings only. If you plan on being in the sun we recommend evenings only. Apply approximately 4-5 drops all over the face, taking care to keep it out of your eyes. You may use alone or under your moisturizer.

Does not contain

Gluten, Parabens, Petroleum, Phthalates, or Sodium lauryl sulfate